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Quarter 2 Update:


We had a fanastic time at active-net 2018 with Steve Parry as our evening speaker, and followed this up with a great segment in S&PA Professional where Steve had the chance to speak about Total Swimming. Thank you for your support at our event!

Thank you also to Paddy & Scott's for joining us at the event, fuelling delegates with their coffee in the pop-up outside the main meeting room.

We'd also like to extend our thanks to everyone who supported active-net last month. Images for the event can be found here


Co-Director Mike Hill, alongside Simon Shibli, offered an insightful piece in the 2018 Health Club Handbook about the health of leisure centres across the UK.


The hardwork from Ali with PfP provided some insightful reading available this month in a number of magazines. Through the NBS programme, working with PfP, they have been able to identify deprived areas in the local community in order to effectively target promotions and programmes across their services.





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