Leisure-net Solutions are the leading provider of Customer Insight, Business Intelligence and Consultation services to the cultural services, active leisure and health and fitness industries.


Cesca Tray

With a daily downward dog and an almost perfect warrior 1, Cesca is becoming a keen yogi. She joined Leisure-net following her BA (Hons) degree in Politics from the University of Warwick. After working as a Student Ambassador for the marketing team of her subject department and as the Marketing Officer of Warwick Art Society, Cesca is now largely responsible for creating and maintaining a strong social media presence for both Leisure-net and Active-net as well as managing business development opportunities. Contact Cesca directly at: francescatray@leisure-net.org


Jo Monkhouse

Jo Monkhouse joined Leisure-net Solutions in 2013. After 10 years with Sports and Leisure Management as a data analyst, Jo now delivers competition analysis, population insight and data cleansing for Leisure-net. Contact Jo direct on jomonkhouse@leisure-net.org


Sarah Forster

Sarah comes from a background in travel consultancy and market research. Sarah supervises all aspects of our Customer Insight Programmes for clients including call - Focus, visit - Focus, email - Focus and Customer Experience surveys. Her key areas of responsibility are:

  • organisation, implementation and management of Customer Insight elements

Contact Sarah direct on sarahforster@leisure-net.org



Sarah Gilvey

Sarah has the responsibility of running all aspects of the Leisure-net office on a day-to-day basis. Sarah is a point of contact for clients and researchers alike. Sarah manages the financial accounts for Leisure-net and Quest and is available to answer any of your invoice queries. Contact Sarah direct on sarahgilvey@leisure-net.org



Alison Rivers

A BA (Hons) Graduate, Alison joined Leisure-net Solutions in 2000. A member of the Market Research Society, she comes from a background in tourism management. Alison has extensive experience of data management and analysis, and of organising and supervising field research teams. She manages our nationwide network of street interviewers, in-centre interviewers and mystery visitors. Her key areas of responsibility are:

  • Community Research including: supervising research projects, inputting and analysing field research data, the production of reports for clients
  • Health and Fitness Omnibus Survey (HAFOS)
  • Managing the NBS Scheme

Contact Alison direct onalisondack@leisure-net.org



David Albutt

Previously a Director of Leisure-net, David's is now more of a supporting role, but his experience over 40 years in the sector, including several chief officer posts in local government, executive management of cCLOA and the National Leisure and Culture Forum, his work with a range of national organisations including the Local Government Association and advising a wide range of clients across the UK, means that his support to the Leisure-net team continues to be invaluable.

His current work programme focuses on b2b customer insight assignments with several leading leisure management companies and leisure trusts as key clients.

Contact David direct at davidalbutt@leisure-net.org



David Monkhouse

David has been part of the sector since 1983, working for many different types of organisations in varied roles across the country. He is a Chartered Fellow of CIMSPA and has just completed the first International Sports Management MBA at Loughborough University. His previous employment background has given him a clear insight into health and safety, human resource, customer experience and quality management. This provides the competency to support organisations to change from strategy through to operational training and development. He assesses and trains for Quest, delivers ukactive Flame and Code of Practice assessments. Contact David direct on davidmonkhouse@leisure-net.org



Mike Hill

Mike has worked in the leisure industry for over 30 years and has senior management experience in both private and public sectors covering health and fitness, ice rinks, pools and food and beverage. He first set up Leisure-net Solutions in 1999 having seen the need for the industry to improve its knowledge base and understanding of the needs of its customers. Mike is a regular presenter at industry events such as LIW. His keys areas of expertise and focus for Leisure-net are:

  • working with local authorities, trusts and private sector companies to improve the service experience of their customers/clients
  • utilising Leisure-net’s online Customer Insight platform and associated services in the leisure sector
  • improving, understanding and interpreting the Market Intelligence available to the active leisure sector

Mike is one of a very few people in the active leisure sector to be an accredited NPS Consultant. Contact Mike direct on mikehill@leisure-net.org