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Leisure-net Solutions are the leading provider of Customer Insight, Business Intelligence and Consultation services to the cultural services, active leisure and health and fitness industries.

Below is the variety of surveys we host on our bespoke Customer Insight Platform. Each service can be purchased individually or multiple services can be combined for a package. If you would like a demonstration or free trial on any of these services please contact us.


recovery-Focus is the newest tool as part of our e-Focus Platform alongside DataHub. 

Focused on customer retention, recovery-Focus allows the user to accurately track actions and interactions with the customer from the point of cancellation submission, right through to retention. 

Allocation of appropriate staff member can happen as soon as the completed form has been received. If you are already using other e-Focus services this can be accessed right from your dashboard, meaning there is no messy signing in and out of different programs!

Managers can keep track of team progress through the reporting function, as well as generate reports for senior members of staff to see which incentives or offers work best for keeping customers on board.

Auto-cancellation is a vital function on that platform too, ensuring that cancellations are not left ignored and sites can avoid any unnecessary refunds. 

Please email for more informaiton or to request a demo.


sales-Focus is our newest addition to the Customer Insight Platform. sales-Focus was created as a response to research carried out by Lesley Aitken of Nurturing Skills in partnership with existing clients. Lesley's research around response times for online membership enquiries resulted in some surprising results, click here for the infographic.

What is perhaps most important about sales-Focus is that is seamlessly combines with two other services available on DataHub - you can find out more here and visit Datahub's website here.

A number of new Operators have already signed up to use sales-Focus to assist in taking their centre forward in the Lead Management. Help turn those queries into members!

For more information please email

Check out the video below for more information as to what sales-Focus can do for you. #poweredbyDatahub





Kiosk Stands

Working in partnership with DataHub we have developed the ability to present your surveys on kiosks within your centre. Having these kiosks within your reception offers the opportunity for your customers to feedback about their experience whilst it is still very fresh in their mind, giving a more honest and detailed review. This also opens up the opportunity to more of your customers to leave feedback about your facilities if they do not have internet access at home.

The kiosk based surveys link up seamlessly with your Customer Insight Platform and update just as quickly as comments submitted on a home computer or a mobile, meaning your Manager may have responded to the comment before the customer is even home!

There are a number of options depending on your budget, all of which can be discussed with a member of our team! There is no extra cost for using the surveys on a kiosk, the only extra charge is for the equipment!

If you're still sceptical about the benefits of adding a kiosk within your facility, just check out the numbers below! We have taken this data directly from one of our clients after we helped them set up a kiosk within a centre. 

For more detail on the equipment we advise on using, or to get more information about how this can benefit your centre, email



The best determinator of customer satisfaction is staff satisfaction.

Staff will deliver great customer service if they are trained appropriately, well motivated and valued. Leisure-net is the leading supplier of staff attitudinal surveys to leisure operators, and we have developed national industry benchmarks for key indicators such as satisfaction with training and employer recommendation levels. staff-Focus is delivered online, making surveys paperless and anonymous; so not only are these a cost effective way to deliver surveys, they are also more environmentally friendly.

We often achieve a minimum of a 70% completion rate and provide analysis based on site and job role.

We firmly believe that understanding the attitudes and perceptions of your staff around such things as customer service, leadership, delegation and health and safety is an essential pre-requisite to a developing a customer centric service culture.

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staff-Recog, also known as our Staff Recognition survey is a nomination scheme aimed to motivate and inspire your staff to deliver better customer service.

Customers can use the link we provide to inform you when a staff member has gone above and beyond their role and left a lasting impression. In a similar way to our feedback-Focus service and Net Promoter Score surveys this survey is delivered online, although you can choose to have additional paper copies within your centre that you manually input, as well as having a kiosk available within a centre so customers can feedback about their visit as they are leaving your facility. The votes and comments can be reported on at the end of each month or quarter and then shared with staff. This survey is a fantastic way to reward staff who are thriving in their role and encourage others to go further.

staff-Recog can be purchased individually or as a package with other services on the eFocus platform.




Email and web enquiries now account for up to 25% of membership enquiries, with this number rising. However, our research shows that as few as 10% of these emails are responded to in a timely and professional manner.

Leisure-net now offer a mystery email service (email-Focus) to compliment our calls and shops. We email your sites on a regular basis using ghost email accounts and report back to you on the speed and quality of their response. All results are reported back using the same eFocus reporting suite as our visit/call-Focus service.

To help manage response times to online enquiries, Leisure-net have added sales-Focus to our portfolio of services.

Call - Focus

call - Focus is a mystery shop service for the leisure industry to monitor, measure and improve their call handling services. call-Focus consists of our experienced mystery shoppers ringing your centres or clubs and making membership (or general) enquiries, we recommend that we ring each centre, club or call centre at least 2-3 times over a period of a week and we do this at least every quarter. All the calls are digitally recorded and the results of the individual calls and a centre and group summary are immediately graphically displayed on your own web based reporting site, which you can access with your own unique password. This allows you and your management team to cost effectively monitor and measure on a regular basis how well your telephones are getting answered and then to use the results to encourage and train staff to improve. You can see month on month comparisons as well as benchmark site against site or externally against other operators.

Feedback - Focus

feedback-Focus is a bespoke online comment card placed on your website for customers and users to provide comments, suggestions or complaints. Relevant managers are set up in e-Focus to enable an immediate notification to the correct department to which the comment has been directed towards. The comments made can be dealt with quickly with the ease of our platform; reporting is also made easy with our interactive graphs and time selection tools. Comment cards are branded and redirected after submission to suit your needs.

Net Promoter Score

Leisure-net Solutions is one of only four consultancies in the UK who are officially certified as a Net Promoter® Partner, meaning we deliver services and consultancies based on the Net Promoter Score to our clients. A leading international customer loyalty metric, the Net Promoter Score stands out from the crowd as one of the only customer satisfaction tools to give organisations a single objective: creating more ‘Promoters’ and fewer ‘Detractors’. The NPS system is already used by hundreds of the world’s leading companies across many industries, including Lego, O2, eBay, Sony and HSBC. Being accredited as a Net Promoter Partner allows Leisure-net Solutions to utilise the official NPS system, scoring and terminology, plus enable clients to benchmark themselves against dozens of sectors in the UK and America, including hospitality, hotels, retail and airlines. Initial research already carried out by Leisure-net Solutions suggests that the health and fitness sector’s average NPS is 34%, with a Promoter score of 54% and a Detractor score of 20%.

CE - Focus

ce - Focus is our most flexible survey giving you the chance to put detailed or specific questions to your customers. The Customer Experience survey can be used for collecting post-event information, member induction, user preferences or development thoughts. The NPS question can also be included in this survey giving you the answers you need and benchmarking your site/ project at the same time. We are happy to provide a wide range of examples if you are interested in this service.

Visit - Focus

visit - Focus is the industry’s leading web-based mystery shop service for leisure operators and suppliers who need to monitor, measure and improve their customer experience. visit-Focus is a service provided by Leisure-net on annual contracts in which our experienced mystery shoppers ring and then visit your centres or clubs, making membership (or general) enquiries. We recommend that we visit each centre, club or call centre at least 3-4 times over a 12 month period. The results of the individual visits, together with the centre and group summary are graphically displayed on your own e - Focus login within 1 week of the visit. visit-Focus allows you and your management team to cost monitor the service you are providing in real life situations, giving you great qualitative feedback to encourage and train staff to improve.