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Leisure-net Solutions are the leading provider of Customer Insight, Business Intelligence and Consultation services to the cultural services, active leisure and health and fitness industries.

Net Promoter Score

Leisure-net Solutions is one of only four consultancies in the UK who are officially certified as a Net Promoter® Partner, meaning we deliver services and consultancies based on the Net Promoter Score to our clients. A leading international customer loyalty metric, the Net Promoter Score stands out from the crowd as one of the only customer satisfaction tools to give organisations a single objective: creating more ‘Promoters’ and fewer ‘Detractors’. The NPS system is already used by hundreds of the world’s leading companies across many industries, including Lego, O2, eBay, Sony and HSBC. Being accredited as a Net Promoter Partner allows Leisure-net Solutions to utilise the official NPS system, scoring and terminology, plus enable clients to benchmark themselves against dozens of sectors in the UK and America, including hospitality, hotels, retail and airlines. Initial research already carried out by Leisure-net Solutions suggests that the health and fitness sector’s average NPS is 34%, with a Promoter score of 54% and a Detractor score of 20%.