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You will be happy with the customer service provided by all your staff?
You will be able to communicate brilliantly with your customers, making them feel welcome, at ease and wanting to keep coming back? We can help you provide customer service training that has an impact that lasts and really makes a difference.

"Thank you for the outstanding training. I speak on behalf of the other BEES when I say how proud we are to be Bee Coaches. We couldn't have done it without the confidence you have inspired."

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We host the Net Promoter Score on our e-Focus platform but we also have an online video used for training purposes.

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Pre-Sale for Queen’s Park Sports Centre, Chesterfield Borough Council


Leisure-Net Solutions and Nurturing Skills joined forces, the outcome of an impressive team effort was monumental. It started well with the tender - to provide pre-sales business development to the new Queen’s Park Sports Centre, Chesterfield Borough Council (CBC).  We achieved a tender evaluation score of 99.4% - our collaboration was the perfect match to accomplish CBC’s desired target.   



About us…Leisure-Net Solutions is the leading provider of Customer Insight, Business Intelligence and Consultation services to the cultural services, active leisure, and health and fitness industries. Nurturing Skills specialises in generating leads, increasing conversions and boosting sales by providing essential tools to the health and fitness industry, including sales systems, sales training, sales management, and lead growth strategies to improve business. Nurturing Skillsproudly boasts the completion of FIVE successful pre-sales projects in less than three years.

The client… Chesterfield Borough Council (CBC) The new Queen’s Park Sports Centre is funded by £6.725 million from Chesterfield Borough Council, £2.5 million from Chesterfield College (as part of a dual-use agreement), £2 million from Sport England’s Strategic Facilities Fund and £25,000 from Squash England.

The scope of our work:

  • Developing a highly skilled and professional Sales Development team consisting of agreed members of CBC staff comprising up to 3 FTEs  to deliver the project elements (1-4) by Jan 2016 - Delivered
  • An innovative sales training option to maximise staff effectiveness both during the proposed sales period and post sales. The training should be sufficient to provide for at least 20 staff and be completed in September 2015. - Delivered
  • Focused sales and marketing activity outlined to achieve the new membership sales targets – target overachieved by 30%, an additional 250 sales, the cheapest of these 200 at £19.99
  • Provide experienced sales leadership with a measurable track record of similar size projects that delivers professional, result orientated skills and behaviours which will provide a measurable return on investment through identified results and sales reports. Team remain in place, currently generating an average of 25 sales per day
  • Assisting in selecting CBC employees to the Sales Development Team to enable them to gain the experience of how to sell, achieve targets and maintain a competitive edge, as well as future proof sales performance post project completion. Team remain in place, currently generating an average of 25 sales per day
  • Lead, supervise the team and sell at agreed sales venues as well as provide flexible and timely off-site online support to provide the coaching, supervision and influence the Sales Development Team need to produce the results required.

Sources of enquiry were as a direct result of excellent outreach work, targeting hard to reach populations in locations they were comfortable in, colleges, market places and supermarkets.




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Customer Experience Training
Managing Customer Experience

- Workshop outcomes

Get a clear overview of key customer experience touch points
Understand the key "dos'' of customer experience management
How to measure the customer experience
Align your customer experience goals to your services mission, vision and values

- Who will benefit from attending?

Front of house supervisors
Sales team managers
Middle managers delivering sport and activity services
Ambitious duty managers looking to highlight the skillset improvements they need to make to progress in their careers.

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General and Duty Manager Training

There are a number of modules, spaced out over 6 months, always relating back to your business plan. Modules include: Standards, Time management, Creative Thinking, Mentoring, Transformational and transactional conversations, Managing the Customer Experience, Service recovery and Developing Others. Testimonials - "I thought the training was very good. I found it very relevant and the fact that David himself has worked within the industry on all levels made it even more relatable and could empathise with the challenges we all face. It has certainly helped with my role as head attendant making it more manageable and thus more enjoyable."

"Just want to say thank you for the training you provided us over the last few months. I was a little unsure what to expect at first but over all I really enjoyed the session and I do think I will use certain aspects of it in the future, especially the transformational conversations which I have been using and find it really helpful in getting some staff to think for themselves."

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Service Recovery

‘Mistakes are a critical part of every service. Hard as they try, even the best service companies can’t prevent the occasional late flight, burnt steak or missed delivery.’ We offer a full days training for your team – helping them to understand how to recover the customer experience when the unfortunate happens. ‘A good recovery can turn angry, frustrated customers into loyal ones. It can in fact create more goodwill than if things had gone smoothly in the first place’ The course is very practical, using examples taking directly from your customer comments and reviews and of course aligned to your Mission and customer standards.