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Leisure-net Solutions are the leading provider of Customer Insight, Business Intelligence and Consultation services to the cultural services, active leisure and health and fitness industries.

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Post Lockdown Recovery Report 2.0

We have been able to secure a sponsor, thank you Active IQ, that will allow us to cover the costs of delivering a follow up to the Post Lockdown Recovery Survey. The survey will have similar questions so we can benchmark consumer feelings between lockdowns and we have added some questions on consumer confidence, when likely to return and what they are doing to remain physically active this time.

To take part please reply to this email/ with;

  1. Operator name
  2. Name of operator contact
  3. Email address of contact
  4. Best telephone number of contact
  5. Number of sites that will distribute the survey.

All operators that take part will get a free copy of the final results and access to their own results with instructions on how to down load results and data.

The first survey results have been used by Sport England, ukactive, CLUK and CIMSPA to inform decision making, lobby local and central Government and shape re opening guidance. Operators used the results to inform their decisions, maximise the impact of re-opening and reframe post Covid activity.

When you agree to take part (closing date to let me know you want to, 12 noon 23.11.20) we will send you, your link to the survey (please don’t use anyone else’s as this will mean you will not get your results) an introductory email to your members, both active and frozen and instructions how to access your results. All you need to do is distribute the survey to your members, informing them that the closing date for the survey will be 12 noon 30.11.20.

We will then create the report – dependant on volume, within 2 weeks and share with you.

For further information please email

Valuable Insight & Support

Leisure-net Solutions was formed in 1999 in an attempt to deliver cost effective research solutions to Active Leisure, Health and Fitness, and Cultural Industries. We have built a company that is leading the way in providing valuable insight into public perceptions of fitness and leisure, alongside developing a Customer Insight Platform that our clients use within their own facilities to garner a clearer knowledge of their customer base.

The team behind Leisure-Net

This fantastic portfolio of services is underpinned by our hardworking and knowledgeable team. All of our team have worked in the industry for a number of years, developing an extensive base of information that can help your facility achieve new heights! Please contact one of the team if you have any questions relating to their aspect of the business experience and knowledge.

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